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Pure Brood Stags  

 Pure Brood Stags . . . . . $450 
If you come to the farm and pick them, they are select!!
(This price includes shipping box . You pay shipping charges.)
(Shipping charges on 1 stag is $65.)
Chickens will be shipped through the post office.

Pure Rocky Top Kelso Stags

   Pure Kelso Stag
   K# 9365
   Pure Kelso Stag

Pure Rocky Top Hatch Stags

Pure Rocky Top Dark Hatch Stag
H# 9340
Pure Blueface Hatch Stag

Pure Rocky Top Regular Grey Stags

Pure Grey Stag G#
Pure Grey Stag G#

Pure Rocky Top Sweater Stags

Pure Sweater Stag
Sw# 9308
Pure Sweater Stag
Sw# 9363
These Pure Stags will have a good chance of producing great show fowl when bred to any good family of chickens.

To anyone that purchases a pure Stag:
Breeding them Pure works really good, but
if you want some extra hens at a reduced price,
you can buy a couple cross hens
to make 3/4 and 1/4.

I'm not saying that they are any better
than the Pure Kelso or the 1/2 Kelso and 1/2 Hatch,
but they will produce you good show birds.

We just recommend the crosses when you are
purchasing extra hens because of the price.

For more Photos!!

*Photos may be slightly lighter or darker depending on shadows and photo quality.

     If you have any questions, comments, or would like to purchase
something, you can e-mail us at or
call us at (601) 798-8353.

Please make money orders payable to Monica or Ronnie Amacker.
If you make the money order payable to the farm name,
it will be returned to you.

Ronnie & Monica Amacker
39 Joe Lumpkin Rd.
Carriere, Mississippi  39426
(601) 798-8353
 Call between 5pm - 9pm central standard time